The Benefits of Vectron

POS systems for Professionals

Vectron POS systems offer numerous benefits. They come with state-of-the-art technology, they are future-proof, long-lived and combine high-quality hardware and sophisticated

Maximum software flexibility

Vectron‘s POS software offers numerous special functions for bakeries and hospitality whilst at the same time it is suitable for most other trades. The GUI can be designed flexibly and adapted to individual company requirements.

You can realize even more individual solutions by means of expansions per VectronScript. The options are tremendously versatile and leave nothing to be desired. Via script you can connect e.g. the hotel software “hetras”, pager systems of Discover and LRS or the cash management systems “Cashkeeper” and “Cashguard”. These are but a few examples for successfully realized solutions; a vast number of other ones are conceivable. In addition to soft- and hardware connections you can also use VectronScript to expand functions like e.g. warnings when a product is running out of stock, order confirmations or pickup information per text message.

Easy operation

The menu navigation makes operations easy – even for untrained staff members. Operators are guided through the menus via selection windows and button levels, thus preventing erroneous entries. The selection windows can be configured as desired and tailored to meet required operating procedures. Function keys can be allocated icons or product logos instead of text. PLU keys can even be allocated product photos, which makes order inputting even easier.