Vectron POS systems: Restaurant "Hase + Igel", Düsseldorf (Germany)

"Hase + Igel", the new restaurant of Stefan Marquard in Düsseldorf

The Schwanenhöfe in the Düsseldorf district of Flingern have developed into a flourishing creative quarter. The historically evolved areal on a former industrial site is being revitalized step by step and has become a unique location for aspiring companies. The buildings today house restaurants and pubs as well as agencies, fashion shops, start-up companies and galleries, thus creating plurality and an urban atmosphere.

Here, Stefan Marquard has started his latest project. The celebrity chef, event caterer and book author now also runs the "Hase + Igel". The restaurant was opened on 17 October 2014: modern and authentic, affordable first class cuisine amidst unrendered concrete walls. Together with some partners Mr. Marquard has established the "Hase + Igel" in the Schwanenhöfe where he practices "Punk & Rock’nRoll Cooking" for his guests. "Our concept is charming-provoking. We prepare favourite dishes and once we are ready we will also prepare the guests' favourite dishes - interpreted in our style", says Marquard.

To guarantee that everything flows smoothly and the guests can enjoy the event restaurant without interruption, a modern and convenient POS system is required. Marquard selected mobile and stationary POS systems made by Vectron. The stationary Vectron POS Touch is clearly visible, placed on the counter of the "Hase + Igel" – in a swivelling holder so that the service staff can reach it easily from all sides. Bills and orders for drinks can be printed on two receipt printers next to it. At the beginning of the shift the service staff can decide where the orders are to be printed: either at the main counter or in the separate lounge. The system stores this setting for the respective shift unless you change the print profile again. Another printer is in the kitchen, so that food orders are directly transferred there.

The "Hase + Igel" can host up to 100 guests. In summer, the outdoor area provides space for ca. 300 visitors. This is why in addition to the stationary POS system six mobile Vectron POS Mobile Pro II were installed. The waiters can enter orders directly at the table and payments can be made cash and by EC-card. Stefan Marquard is satisfied:
"Why did we choose Vectron POS systems? Well, simply because we understand them; because my employees understand them and because the handling is really easy. We are supported in whatever situation and it is fun. A partner, on which you can rely."

From the very beginning, the managers specified their demands to the POS system together with the Vectron trading partner Etamio. After POS systems and printers were installed, all the employees were trained on the spot. Requests for modification, which result from the daily routines and individual adjustments are realized directly in the restaurant or via remote maintenance.

For the central data management like products and prices, the "Vectron Commander" communication software is installed on a central PC in the office. From here, the Hase+Igel crew can manage the program data, access the reporting like e.g. the daily reports and can make simple programming changes at the POS systems.

In terms of merchandise management, Stefan Marquardt and his partners rely on the proven combination of Vectron POS systems and the ERP program 'necta'. The dovetailing of both systems simplifies processes in the company: Goods employed and stock can be checked without great effort. Recipes are calculated in necta with updated daily product prices and this includes of course information on nutritive values and allergens. Food and drinks get a PLU number and are then transferred to the Vectron POS systems. necta on the other side gets PLU sales data from the POS systems, splits them into recipes and books the sales of the respective goods. The ERP program provides the current stock on a daily basis and determines order proposals. necta directly transmits the order to the supplier and incoming stocks are also integrated to the software automatically.

With creative menus, a convenient POS system and effective cost- and stock control the Hase + Igel is perfectly equipped.