Bakery programs

Connection to bakery programs

Vectron POS systems have proven interfaces to numerous popular bakery programs:

Back-Control by Norbert Heider Softwareentwicklung
BackNet by BackNet Entwicklungs- & Support GmbH
BackSys by Antratec Systems GmbH
BÄCK2office by Systemarena GmbH
BBN by O.K. Software & Beratung GmbH
ComBack by GRIBS GmbH
CWG Back von CWG Software GmbH
FoxLogic by Foxlogic Software
Marvin by GOECOM
TURBOback and OPTIback by Optimo-Bercher
RS Backwaren by RS AG
BackPro by Samuelson Software-Entwicklung GmbH
SmiloBack by SMILODON GmbH