Software details

Effective shift registration

The higher the number of employees and branches, the more complex shift administration can become. Vectron POS systems offer exemplary support in this area, too. Staff members can log themselves on and off directly at the POS. It is also possible to log on in one branch and log off in another. It is even possible to record shift times in the case of employees who are not using the POS systems, and thus have no access rights to POS functions, this via the touch key. The POS systems enable the smooth registration of all log-on and log-off information, such as breaks, a doctor’s visit or errands.

Allergen labeling

The new regulation of food labelling, which was passed in December 2011, ruled that as of 13 December 2014 the information on allergens is also mandatory for non-prepacked foods. In order to guarantee the protection of health, the legislation provides that consumers have to be informed appropriately about included allergens in all products that are offered for immediate consumption (e.g. in restaurants, hotels, snack bars, bakeries, butcher shops).

With Vectron POS systems you can indicate and filter ingredients and print them out if required. For all products (PLUs) you can store attributes in the POS system. These attributes can be determined individually, as there are a number of other useful criteria in addition to allergens, for example “vegetarian”, “vegan”, “kosher” or “halal”. The filter “inhouse/takeaway” or “not under the age of 18” is also often helpful.

PLUs can be filtered by PLU attributes. All those PLUs that do not correspond to the filter attributes are greyed out and cannot be booked as long as the filter is enabled. Your sales staff can then see at a glance what they can offer the respective customer. Information that is stored for a PLU can be displayed as competence text in the POS system to facilitate work for the sales staff. Furthermore, you can show the customer all the stored information (e.g. list of contained allergens) on the customer display or print it as receipt.

Know how:
The registration of ingredients, nutrients and allergens is included in the master data of Vectron POS systems. The easiest way is to enter all the desired PLU information to the master data of the bakery software and to send it to all the connected POS systems by means of the Vectron Commander. To use the function you require a new software version. All current models are suitable, as are most of the POS systems that have been delivered since 2004. For display on the customer display you require a Vectron POS system of the current generation.

Individual operator authorization rights

Vectron POS systems work with general operator classes but also with individual authorizations. You can store the respective operator rights directly in the POS system or in an electronic operator key, which allows fast login and secure allocation of bookings to an operator. It is thus possible to remove the need for the creation of operator accounts in all branch POS systems, which is often advantageous in the event of a high staff turnover between the various branches. You can determine for each employee who shall be entitled to cancel bookings or who is to get superior rights. Furthermore, the individual operator rights enable a differentiated commission system to be established.

Secure POS sequences & cashing up

Vectron POS systems offer proven functions which ensure that cashing up processes cannot be manipulated and reduce instances of error and voiding.

If the compulsory sub-total function is active, the operator is unable to print a final receipt without first retrieving the sub-total. This ensures that the customer is informed of the amount to be paid and subsequently asked if they would like to purchase anything else before the final receipt is issued. In addition, it is also possible to de-activate the instant void function and the option to correct the receipt after the sub-total has been displayed. The compulsory cash drawer closing function ensures that the cash drawer cannot be left open. After a programmed period of time has passed, an alarm signal reminds staff to close the cash drawer. The compulsory change function prevents the operator from opening the cash drawer without inputting the amount received in notes or coins.

Cashing up

Vectron POS systems help avoid cash balance discrepancies. The POS tally initially has to be counted and inputted during shift changes or at the end of the working day in the event that the MID function is activated. Only then can reports be issued. Possible discrepancies can either be printed out together with the approved on-site reports, or via the back office software at headquarters as desired. The MID declaration can be issued on an operator-
or POS-basis and lists currency, notes and coins. Alternatively, the MID declaration can be consolidated and issued for several POS systems simultaneously. The balance can also be automatically carried over to the next day as required.

Saved reports

In the event that the Z-total cannot be read out at headquarters, Vectron POS systems ensure that reports can be saved directly in the POS system. The current Z-report is transferred to a special zone in the POS system’s memory. After this, the system can be reset to a zero position and operations can be resumed as they would be in the wake of a regular reading. Data from the previous day’s commercial dealings is thus not mixed with current sales figures. This type of stored Z-reading is subsequently automatically
recognised by the Vectron Commander during the next read operation and allocated to the day in question.

Controlled deposits and expenditure

Staff members frequently withdraw cash amounts from the POS system during the course of everyday business, in order to make purchases at the butcher’s or to pay cash on delivery fees for postal deliveries. The Vectron POS systems charge these amounts directly to the supplier in question. Deposits and expenditure are thus registered at the branches in a precise manner as regards accounts and amounts. All systems also alleviate the daily change entries, as the cash takings are registered precisely by the POS systems according to coins and notes.

Monitored serving

Monitoring is of the utmost importance in the associated dispensing area. Vectron POS systems collaborate with a selection of reputable manufacturers of bar dispensing systems and coffee machines in order to ensure that the desired product cannot be dispensed until it has been registered in the system. This guarantees that all beverages sold are logged consistently, and no more cups of coffee or pints of beer are “on the house“.

Numerous media

In addition to cash payment Vectron POS systems provide numerous cashless payment modes. You can use magnetic-, bar code- and RFID cards, i.e. EC- and credit cards. Ports for NFC-payment – contactless cashless payment with e.g. “girogo” or “paypass” – are likewise available. You can open customer accounts with monthly invoice and staff purchases can be settled via the salary. Further payment options are available in conjunction with bonVito customer cards.

Remote maintenance of POS systems

Minimum downtimes are essential for achieving an optimum workflow. Vectron POS Anywhere enables analysis and remote maintenance of the POS systems. An extensive range of intervention functions usually ensures that existing problems can also be solved remotely. Configuration modifications are possible just like updates and data backup. Thanks to “Vectron POS Anywhere” you or your specialist dealer can access any POS system and follow in real time what the operators are entering. Likewise you can control the POS system from remote and even demonstrate new functions. The POS-Anywhere-function accelerates the error analysis, minimizes downtimes and prevents unnecessary and expensive on-site service calls.