pos touch 12 II

Small, robust touch system with gesture recognition

  from 87,00 € / month* *our leasing conditions apply

The compact POS Touch 12 II PCT comes with a scratchproof and wear-free capacitive glass touch screen including gesture recognition for particularly intuitive operation. The capacitive glass touch screen with gesture recognition is scratchproof and wear-free. 5-year manufacturer's guarantee (for hardware including wear parts).

The touch system is perfectly suited when only a small footprint is available for the POS system. Operation of the rugged POS Touch 12“ is easy and intuitive and its graphical user interface is fully designable. The high-performance POS software offers sophisticated functions that accelerate and simplify workflows. The software can be tailored flexibly to meet the individual demands at the point of sale. The POS system shuts down without data loss even in case of power failure. The accounting and administration of networked POS systems can be carried out conveniently on a central system, allowing for a consistent base and lowest maintenance.

The POS systems work without internet connection, all data are saved within the devices, not in a cloud.

Vectron "made in Germany"


  • High-quality, extremely rugged, stable housing
  • Elegant, ergonomic design
  • 30.7 cm (12“) capacitive touch screen
  • Modern GUI with gesture recognition
  • Current-saving, brilliant TFT-LCD with LED backlight
  • Alternatively with wall mount for hanging installation
  • High-performance, extremely fast processor and large memory volume
  • Large number of interfaces
  • Ergonomically integrated operator lock
  • Simple data backup via USB flash drive
  • Maximum system stability thanks to lack of fans and moving parts
  • Perfect protection against viruses and tampering
  • Flexible, versatile POS system software
  • Fast, intuitive operation
  • Extensive back office connection options
  • Optionally available with customer display


POS Touch 12 II PCT Light

The inexpensive alternative to the POS Touch 12 II PCT is ideal when a stand-alone solution or a stationary system is required as a server for a maximum of ten mobile Vectron POS systems. Stationary networks cannot be configured with it.

POS Touch 12 (Light)

The equipment of the POS Touch 12 (Light) is slightly reduced compared to the POS Touch 12 II PCT. The POS system has an analog-resistive touch screen and can therefore not be controlled via gestures. The performance of the electronic components is lower and the legal guarantee applies. For all the technical details please see the datasheet in the download section.


The leasing of modern POS systems offers many advantages. For low monthly rates, effective, cost-reducing systems are available immediately, without tying up capital. For more information on leasing please see here.



Full Service

Even the best POS system can sometimes develop a fault. And to keep things from becoming expensive in such cases, there is the full-service agreement from Vectron. It offers complete protection in the event of a problem. Vectron will repair the POS system or send you a replacement unit. Even worn parts like the touch panel, operator locks and power supply units are covered by the warranty.

Replacement in the case of loss, improper use or damage caused by gross negligence is excluded from the warranty. There is also no replacement of batteries and accessories.

  • Conclude the agreement when purchasing a POS system and all services will be available to you from the very first day - and are even free of charge for the first year!
  • Protect your POS system with a full-service agreement for 2, 3, 4 or even 5 years.
  • And the best thing is: You receive all software updates free of charge during the entire term of the agreement!
  • Please contact your specialist Vectron dealer for further information.


Customer retention, customer cards, reporting etc.

Do you want to gain regular customers and achieve higher sales through them?

No problem: bonVito supplements your Vectron POS system to offer you these possibilities. Easily create promotional campaigns and use them to effectively address special customer groups in a targeted manner. You can call up the results online via PC - even across multiple branches. Bonvito offers a wide range of functions in the area of customer retention e. g. collecting points, digital stamps, coupons and direct discounts.

Individual customer cards, versatile e-payment functions and convenient online reservation systems are further utile bonVito functions. And the mobile reporting app guarantees that you are always perfectly up-to-date with the latest developments on-site.

bonVito is the perfect online marketing tool for many trades. You can find out further details on www.bonvito.net.

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