POS System for Bakery, Confectionery, Café, Retail

Bakery Cash Registers

With more than 175,000 installed systems worldwide, Vectron Systems AG is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of intelligent POS systems. Many small and medium-sized bakeries and already over one third of the 100 largest bakery chains in German-speaking countries have put their trust in Vectron’s Point of Sale systems.

The parallel development of POS systems and back office applications facilitates the creation of efficient solutions for branch communication, production monitoring, ordering systems and shift management. Operator and customer floating across several POS systems are just as self-evident as are detailed sales analyses and central master data management. The POS software offers numerous special functions for bakeries and can be flexibly adapted to individual company requirements. The intuitive operation of the cash tills and their high automation level effectively optimises what are usually time-consuming routine tasks. They relieve sales staff, eliminate sources of error and improve levels of customer care.

Some of our customers:

Up to 25 branches:

Café Ernst, Germany
Bakery Wuschels, Germany
Bakery Pieprz, Germany
Bakery Mack, Germany
Bakery Krimphove, Germany
Bakery Kiepenkerl, Germany
Bakery Jungs, UK
Bakery Huth, Germany
Bakery Hosp, Austria
Bakery Hatz, Germany
Bakery Förch, Germany
Bakery Puppe, Germany

Up to 50 branches:

Backery Engel, Germany
Backery Gerweck, Germany
Backery Kraus, Germany
Backery Neff, Germany
Backery Schrunz, Germany
Bakery "Stadtbäckerei Münster", Germany
Backery Tackmann, Germany
Bakery Peters', Germany


More than 50 branches:

Bakery "H. von Allwörden", Germany
Bakery "Der Kalchreuther Bäcker", Germany
Backery Keim, Germany
Bakery "Kleins Backstube", Germany
Bakery "Die Lohners", Germany
Bakery "Mecklenburger Backstuben", Germany
Bakery "Müller Egerer", Germany
Backery Özsüt, Turkey
Bakery Papperts, Germany
Bakery "K & U", Germny
Bakery "Landbäckerei Ihle", Germany
Bakery "Bäckerhaus Veit", Germany
Bakery "De Mäkelbörger", Germany
Bakery "Stadtbäckerei Gatenbröcker", Germany
Bakery Grimminger, Germany
Bakery "Wiener Feinbäckerei Heberer", Germany
Bakery "Heidebäckerei Meyer", Germany
Bakery Horsthemke, Germany
Bakery Sternenbäck, Germany