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With its extensive range of stationary POS systems, Vectron offers appropriate equipment for a diverse range of company sizes and types. Numerous interfaces enable the easy connection of peripherals such as printers, scanners, cash drawers, card readers, drinks dispensing systems, etc.

POS system POS Touch 15 II

POS system POS Touch 14 Wide

POS system POS Touch 12 II


All Vectron POS systems are delivered with the flexible and versatile Vectron POS software, which offers many tried-and-tested special functions and can be individually adapted and expanded. In order to also enable the use of this technologically advanced software on PC-based systems, Vectron has developed POS PC.

Mobile POS systems

Mobile POS systems from Vectron are extremely robust and practical. On the table or when serving, it is inevitable that drinks are occasionally spilled. And there is always flour dust all over the bakery counter. Therefore, it is important that the POS systems are dust and water-tight and cannot be damaged by these problems. And it is also especially important that mobile systems should not break when they happen to slip out of your hand. Thanks to their magnesium housing, the Vectron devices are extraordinarily robust and designed to fit comfortably in the hand.

Incidentally, mobile devices from Vectron are also fully-fledged cash registers and not simply ordering terminals. As a result, they offer the same range of functions as stationary systems and are not dependent on a server station like many mobile devices from other manufacturers. This means they are fully operable at all times - even when the radio connection is down or the point of sale system is used outside the radio range. All orders are saved and the entered data are automatically transferred to the network as soon as the radio connection is available again. 

POS system POS MobilePro III

Vectron MobileApp

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