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High quality point of sale systems for hospitality

Vectron supplies an extensive range of high-performance and technologically advanced products for the point of sale: From POS systems, software and online marketing tool to peripherals.

State-of-the-Art stationary POS systems "European market leader"

Vectron's range of cash registers includes stationary and mobile App systems for an extremely broad range of business sizes and types. All models are produced from high-quality materials and are extremely rugged in order to operate reliably for many years. Downtimes and maintenance periods are therefore reduced to a minimum. All POS systems are ergonomically shaped and have a sophisticated design for comfortable handling.

Vectron POS systems can handle even the largest quantities of data and complex computing processes lightning fast and thereby accelerate the process for ringing up sales and transferring POS system data between the company headquarters and individual points of sale.

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Flexible Backoffice-Software

The POS software contains many special functions which simplify everyday working life and accelerate routine tasks - especially in the main target areas of the bakery and hospitality sectors. This flexible software also enables individual solutions, which are tailored to the respective industries and even to the individual customer's operations. And for maximum operating comfort, the software is intuitive and easy to operate.

All Vectron Point of sale systems use the same software and can be networked as required. This is naturally ideal for the simultaneous use of mobile app and stationary devices, as well as for future network expansion.

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Mobile App

Taking payments on a mobile device offers numerous advantages indoor and outdoor. Vectron POS systems send all the orders directly to kitchen or counter printers; this avoids jams on stationary devices at peak times. At the same time it reduces the waiting time for guests as the orders are already processed while the waiter serves other tables. When using a mobile belt printer, the invoicing takes place directly at the table. Thanks to the mobile systems, the staff can save a lot of walking during the whole service process. One waiter can serve more guests so that less personnel is required – an important benefit in times of staff shortage.

The guests are being served faster, which increases the customer satisfaction and generates higher turnover through additional sales. Furthermore it guarantees that all the orders are booked and invoiced.

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Customer retention, customer cards and much more

We offer an online marketing tool with a large number of versatile functions in the areas of customer retention, e-payment and online table reservations. Individual campaigns can be set up quite easily online and sent to the Vectron POS systems. As soon as a promotion is running, our software offers the option of tracking its success in real time. And campaigns which have already been completed can also be viewed at any time.

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