Vectron in review

Milestones of a success story

Quality, reliability and user-friendliness have characterized the product and solution world of Vectron Systems AG for three decades. Today, tens of thousands of customers from various industries worldwide trust the outstanding services, the convincing stationary and mobile POS hardware and the probably most powerful and flexible POS software on the market. These are the most important milestones of Vectron Systems AG – from the two-people-software-start-up in 1990 to one of the major solution providers for POS hardware, software, mobile POS apps and digital services.


  • Vectron POS 7 Mini
    In January, the POS-7-series is completed by the particularly compact POS 7 Mini.
  • Vectron A77 PLUS
    The leaner version of the A920 PLUS is an EC and order terminal in one device and has been on the market since August. 
  • Vectron POS M4
    Since September, the POS M4 is the first android based mobile Vectron POS system.
  • December: Vectron takes over acardo
    In the retail segment acardo group AG is one of the leading providers of consumer activation tools, such as coupons, cashback solutions and consumer apps in Germany. These are now used in more than 30,000 stores, consisting of grocery stores, drugstores, cinemas and pharmacies. Customers include EDEKA, Müller, Nestlé, Unilever, Kellogg's, Krombacher, Coca-Cola, PEPSI, Beiersdorf, Hexal, CinemaxX, Cineplex, Universal and Warner Bros.


  • New Cloud- and Payment products
    The choice of Cloud solutions for the Vectron and Duratec brands is considerably increased in April, among others with inhouse payment solutions and connection to the DATEV Kassenarchiv online.

  • Vectron A920 PLUS
    The revolutionary new terminal for all types of applications is POS app, card reader and invoice printer in one single device. It is launched in October.  

  • Vectron POS 7 PC
    As of November, the Vectron POS 7 is also available as PC version with Windows 10 IOT operating system.


  • myVectron Digital Receipt
    In the wake of discussions about the receipt issuance obligation, Vectron is launching a digital receipt solution in March.
  • Weighing platform SC50
    In April, Vectron introduces a proprietary weighing platform, which is tailored to the POS systems. A solution for butchers, farm shops and other businesses where every gram counts.
  • Vectron POS 7
    In August, Vectron launches the POS 7, a new modular high-end POS solution.


  • Vectron acquires the remaining shares in posmatic
    On 1 January 2019, Vectron acquires the remaining 25 % of the shares in posmatic GmbH. The posmatic iPad solutions complete the Vectron Portfolio by another POS system brand.
  • epay cooperates with Vectron
    In March, Vectron and epay announce the cooperation. The aim is to jointly develop and provide new functionalities for POS system operators. 
  • Relaunch of the Corporate Site
    In April, Vectron relaunches the Corporate Site. The new design and a powerful backend provide a modern appearance and support Vectron with the digitization of hospitality and bakery trade.
  • resmio and restablo cooperate with Vectron 
    In May, Vectron signs cooperation agreements with the online reservation system resmio and the online ordering system restablo to offer additional digital services integrated into the POS systems.
  • Market launch Duratec digital world
    In June, Vectron starts a new product bundle. It combines a free all-in-one POS solution with digital services such as cashless payment, online reservations and ordering. POS systems and accessories are provided in return for transaction-based, fee-based use of the services.
  • POS Touch 15 II Wide 
  • POS systems with certified TSE
    As one of the first manufacturers, Vectron can deliver POS systems with the technical security equipment (TSE), which will be mandatory from January 2020, already in December.


  • Best of Market 2018: Vectron wins for the fifth time
    Readers of the trade magazines First Class Magazin, GVmanager, 24 Stunden Gastlichkeit and Streetfood Business selected Vectron the "BEST of Market" in the category POS systems for the fifth time in a row.
  • New Corporate Design


  • Coca-Colacooperates with Vectron
    Vectron and Coca-Cola invest in the new generation of the GetHappy App. The two companies have concluded a cooperation contract. The aim is to develop the leading online marketing platform for the takeaway market. The GetHappy app, which has existed since 2015, is combined with the strengths of the bonVito technology by Vectron for this purpose. This POS system integration offers out-of-home customers further opportunities to address their guests and exploit additional sales potential. Independent of the cooperation, the GetHappy app and Vectron POS systems can still be used separately.
  • Vectron wins again: Best of Market 2017
    Readers of the trade magazines First Class Magazin, GVmanager, 24 Stunden Gastlichkeit and Streetfood Business selected Vectron the "BEST of Market" in the category POS systems for the fourth time in a row.
  • Launch of Reporting-App: myVectron
    The myVectron Reporting app displays the most important company performance data in real time. 


  • Vectron confirms premium position: BEST of Market 2016
    The trade magazines "first class", "GV manager", "24 Stunden Gastlichkeit" and "Schulverpflegung" published by B&L MedienGesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Munich, again presented the "BEST of Market" award to the best supplier companies in the industry at Internorga in 2016. In the category of POS systems, Vectron left the competition behind for the third time in a row and once again takes first place. Quality, service and price-performance ratio of the providers were rated.
  • Vectron buys the majority of Posmatic GmbH
    At the end of 2016 Vectron acquires 75% of the POS software start-up Posmatic GmbH. The company produces POS software which runs on Apple hardware, such as iPads, iPods and iPhones.


  • Vectron delivers software for "Profilo Payment Systems", Turkey
    A new touch POS model of the leading Turkish POS manufacturer "Profilo Payment Systems" will be equipped with Vectron POS software in the future. Profilo Payment Systems" has sold more than 2 million POS systems in the last 30 years, of which about 1 million are still in use. The company employs 2,300 technicians at 360 service branches in Turkey. The cooperation was made possible by Vectron's new sales strategy. In order to create new sales opportunities, the company developed a considerably simplified OEM version of its POS software in connection with the launch of the lower-priced secondary brand Duratec in fall 2013. This OEM software is now the basis of the agreement with Profilo. Vectron expects to be able to conclude further cooperations with POS providers worldwide in the future with the OEM software, which is very easy to install and operate, and thus to expand the business model significantly.
  • Vectron POS Mobile Pro III
  • Vectron POS Touch 12
  • 175,000 POS systems sold
  • Vectron is „Bestmarke 2015/16“
    Vectron achieved the overall victory in the category POS systems in the representative Bestmarke study of the gastronomy trade journal "Allgemeine Hotel- und Gastronomie-Zeitung" (AHGZ). Furthermore, the surveyed restaurateurs and hoteliers also saw Vectron in first place by a clear margin in almost all individual disciplines. In the profiling dimension quality/product performance, in which for example a constant high quality, innovation, handling or possibilities of individualization were considered, Vectron reached the 1st place, as well as in reliability and in service performance. Another positive result of the study for the company is that Vectron POS systems were not only the best known but also the most frequently used among the study participants.


  • Launch of Vectron POS MobilePro II
  • Market launch customer display Vectron C100
  • Winner: BEST of Market 2014
    The trade magazines "first class", "GV manager", "24 Stunden Gastlichkeit" and "Schulverpflegung" published by B&L MedienGesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Munich, presented the "BEST of Market" award to the best supplier companies in the industry at Internorga. The decision was based on an online survey of decision-makers from the hotel, catering and mass catering industries between October 2013 and February 2014, which was supported by a mailing to 39,000 newsletter subscribers. Quality, service and price-performance ratio of the providers were rated. In the category of POS systems, Vectron left the competition behind and takes first place. The award ceremony took place on the eve of Internorga at the Mazza restaurant in Hamburg.
  • Introduction of Vectron Journal Tool


  • Employees: 130
  • Separate website for bonVito
  • Dispatch start of Vectron POS Touch
  • Market launch customer display Vectron C75
  • The 20,000th Vectron POS MobilePro is being produced
  • 1,000th bonVito branch shop under contract
  • Duratec: Inexpensive POS systems for the hospitality industry
    With Duratec, Vectron introduces a second brand for POS systems. The model series makes the usual Vectron quality available to a wider audience. The robust stationary POS systems combine security, efficiency and flexibility with ease of use and simple programming at an extremely fair price – the ideal stationary POS system solution for small to medium-sized companies. Duratec POS S15 is the first model of the new second brand. 


  • bonVito awarded "Horecava Innovation Award" in Amsterdam
  • Dispatch start of Vectron POS Vario II
  • Market launch customer display Vectron C56
  • Foundation of bonVito GmbH
    In order to better bundle development and sales activities in the field of the versatile customer loyalty and online marketing tool bonVito, Vectron founds bonVito GmbH as a wholly owned subsidiary of Vectron Systems AG. 
  • bonVito elected the "Best Technology Product" on the "IFEX Trade Show 2012" in Belfast
  • Dispatch start of Vectron POS Mini II


  • New POS software version with Vectron Script
    Enables the connection of peripherals and back-office programs
  • Launch of full touch system Vectron POS MobileTouch
  • Market launch of Vectron POS SteelTouch II
  • Vectron POS SteelTouch II wins innovation price "BackMedia Trophy 2011" on the "Südback"
  • The 125,000th Vectron POS system goes to Paris
    The French brewery and restaurant chain "Le Frog Pub" has ordered the 125,000th POS system
  • Launch of Vectron POS MobilePad


  • Introduction of Vectron Commander 7
  • Vectron is awarded the seal of quality "Good Work" by the Catholic Workers' Movement in the Diocese of Münster
  • Market launch customer display Vectron C70
  • Vectron Systems AG celebrates its 20th anniversary
  • Market launch bonVito
    After years of development, Vectron launches the multifunctional customer retention system bonVito. bonVito is directly integrated in the Vectron POS systems, so that all customer retention promotions are automatically processed via the POS systems during the payment process. It can be used across branches and provides individual customer cards, collection and redemption of points, digital stamps, payment function and coupons per e-mail, text message or receipt imprint. 
  • bonVito wins innovation price "BackMedia Trophy 2010" on the "Südback“"


  • Vectron introduces the Pager PA10
  • Employees: 104
  • Launch of Vectron T10 Transponder for cashless payment systems
  • Launch of Vectron POS SteelTouch
  • Vectron offers inhouse financing
  • Launch of Vectron POS SteelTouch PC


  • With the Vectron ServiceCall the company wins again the “Horecava Innovation Award” in Amsterdam
  • Vectron POS MobilePro is honoured with the "Best hospitality technology product on show" award at the Hospitality Expo in Dublin.
  • Vectron receives the largest order in the company's history
    Vectron receives the largest single order in the company's history from the fourth largest German bakery chain, K&U Bäckerei GmbH, Neuenburg, which belongs to the EDEKA-Südwest Group. Vectron will equip over 600 branch shops with more than 1,200 modern touch screen systems, which are networked to the K&U head office and which, in addition to the timely delivery of sales data, can also handle the complete logistics, including ordering and inventories.
  • Share split 1:3
    The 1:3 stock split resolved by the Annual General Meeting will be implemented, i.e. one no-par share will become three no-par shares. The basis is a capital increase from company funds with the associated issue of new shares. The share capital is increased by Euro 1,000,000 to now Euro 1,500,000. The aim of the measure is to promote the liquidity of the Vectron share and to enable further price increases of the Vectron share through increasing trading volumes.
  • Vectron presents the hybrid system POS MobileXL
  • New Corporate Design


  • Product launch Vectron ServiceCall
  • Quotation in segment Scale at the Frankfurt stock exchange
    On Friday, March 23, 2007, the shares of Vectron Systems AG (WKN A0KEXC) are traded for the first time in the Entry Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The Entry Standard is at ca. 1300 points.


  • Vectron POS MobilePro wins HORECAVA Innovation Award
  • Management Buyout and new foundation of Vectron Systems AG
    Vectron Systems AG is independent again.  The two company founders Jens Reckendorf and Thomas Stümmler as well as the Hamburg-based investor relations manager and investor Jochen Fischer have bought back 100% of the Vectron Systems business unit from Hansa Group AG and in this context have contributed equity capital amounting to several million euros. The purchase price is in the double-digit million range. Jens Reckendorf and Thomas Stümmler form the Management Board of Vectron Systems AG. Chairman of the supervisory board of Vectron Systems AG is lawyer Christian Ehlers (Düsseldorf), former managing director of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association DEHOGA. Financing partners are WGZ Bank and VR Mittelstandskapital UBG AG. The equity ratio of Vectron Systems AG is now over 40%.
  • Launch of Vectron POS Modular
  • Bulk order of the Heberer bakery chain (ca. 700 POS systems and peripherals)


  • Product launch of Vectron POS MobilePro
  • Merger of Hansa Chemie AG and Vectron Systems AG
    On July 6, 2005, the Commercial Register of Münster District Court entered the merger of Hansa Chemie AG with Vectron Systems AG. The share capital was increased by 39,814,440 Euro to 48,049,400 Euro. From now on, the company as a whole operates as a conglomerate and investment group with the name Hansa Group AG and the business units Hansa Chemie and Vectron Systems.


  • Further international bulk order
    160 systems for the leading Dutch canteen operator SAB Catering B.V.


  • Vectron presents the POS Vario on the Iba
  • International bulk orders
    At the end of 2003, the British cinema chain Odeon Cinemas with over 100 cinemas, the German hairdresser chain Klier, with more than 800 branches the largest in Europe, and the bakery chain "Bakers family", the discount subsidiary of Kamps AG, with initially 30 branches, opted for systems from Vectron. Furthermore, the ice-cream chain Häagen Dazs could be acquired as new key account client.


  • Vectron moves to the regulated market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
    Die Vectron Systems AG has terminated the contract with Deutsche Börse AG for the admission to the Neuer Markt and is henceforth listed in the regulated market. Although the delisting rules of Deutsche Börse AG for the Neuer Markt have been suspended, Vectron will voluntarily leave the segment. The decisive factor for this decision is the crisis of confidence on the Neuer Markt.


  • Vectron POS Mobile wins the Horecava Innovation Award in Amsterdam
  • Bulk order from US-Fast-Food-chain
    Vectron Systems USA Inc.  with headquarters in Tucson, Arizona, a 100% subsidiary of Vectron Systems AG, Münster, Germany, has received a major order of about 2.3 million US dollars from the fast food chain Kyoto Bowl, Phoenix, Arizona, to equip initially 150 branches with a total of 450 POS systems of the type Vectron POS ColorTouch. For Vectron, this is the first international order of this size.
  • Employees: 89
  • Move to the new company headquarters in the Loddenheide industrial park with 8,000 sqm of office and production space.


  • Another top-10 bakery chain opts for Vectron
    Delivery of 250 POS systems for 180 branches of the Bumüller-Sternenbäck Group in Hechingen. The Bumüller Group is the tenth largest German bakery chain with over 2 million customers per month.
  • Launch of Vectron POS Mobile
    Vectron Systems AG is the first manufacturer to succeed in integrating full POS functionality into a mobile system, so that stationary POS systems can be dispensed with. As a mobile system now hardly costs more than a conventional POS system, it now becomes affordable for the mass market.
  • Bulk orders from other top-10 bakery chain and the ABN AMRO Bank
    Supply of networked POS systems with data link to the central computer system for Landbäckerei Ihle GmbH & Co. KG, Friedberg (140 branches).  
    Vectron continues to be successful in the field of hospitality and catering: Eijsink Afrekensystemen B.V., based in Hengelo/NL, has received an order from ABN AMRO Bank, Amsterdam/NL, for the delivery of Vectron POS systems, as well as communication software and offline credit card terminals for 19 company restaurants.
  • Launch of Vectron POS Micro


  • Market launch of Vectron POS Mini and Vectron POS ColorTouch
  • Employees: 44
  • IPO in the Neuer Markt segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • 3 new key account clients
    The largest bakery chain of Switzerland, Bachmann in Luzern, equips all the subsidiaries with Vectron POS systems. In the Netherlands, the company succeeded in winning Bakkerij Bart, the country's second-largest bakery chain with about 100 branches, as a customer. In both cases, Vectron delivers the POS systems as well as the software for networking the branch data to the central computer system. A short time later, Siebrecht GmbH & Co oHG from Brakel places a large order with Vectron. It concerns a total of 350 POS systems for more than 200 branches.  


  • Presentation of Vectron POS 32 on the Cebit
    Self-developed and self-produced hardware


  • Launch of first Vectron POS system on the Cebit
    The software development company Vectron becomes a complete supplier of POS systems (import of hardware from USA). 


  • Employees: 4
  • Development start of proprietary POS system (Vectron POS)


  • Foundation of Vectron Systems Datentechnik GmbH in Münster by Jens Reckendorf and Thomas Stümmler
    Products: Macon ERP systems and communication software Vectron Commander; Standard software for data transfer from POS systems to PCs
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