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myVectron Tariff overview

Choice of fixed and optional modules

myVectron modules3myVectron Start
36 months for 0.- €1,2
myVectron Standard
11 modules from 24.90 € per month2
POS Update14.90 € per month
Fis­cal­ guaran­tee DE 2020Not available in this tariff
Digital receipt7.90 € per month
myVectron App4.90 € per month
Mobile­AppGraduated price:
1st and 2nd MobileApp, per MobileApp per month = 34.90 €
3rd to 6th MobileApp, per MobileApp per month = 29.90 €
7th to 10th MobileApp per MobileApp per month = 19.90 €
POS Software subscription
(POS Update included)
Graduated price:
1st and 2nd POS system per month = 49.90 €
3rd to 6th POS system per month = 39.90 €
from 7th POS system per month = 29.90 €
POS Backup
Invoice archive
Report archives3.90 € per month
Fis­cal ar­chiveOnly in conjunction with the DATEV module
CUSTOMER LOYALTYVoucher2 % of top-up amount;
0.10 € per downloaded code
(only for code download feature / max. 1,000 codes per month)
ORDERINGIn-house Ordering99.- € per month
PAY­MENTPayPay Easy / Pay Smart: available in packages S, M and L
Pay Bundle: request the offer now4 (48 months term)
ZVT Ter­mi­nal interface3.90 € per month
Kas­sen­ar­chiv on­line

(Fiscal archive active)
25.00 € per month15.00 € per month
BI interface Graduated price:
1st subsidiary = 14.90 € per month (4.90 € until 30.06.2023) /
from 2nd subsidiary = 4.90 € each subsidiary per month
Table reservation resmio0.99 € per reservation5
Order ser­vice restablo8 % of gross sales (36 months term)
  = Module included in myVectron Start = Module included in myVectron Stan­dard
1) 4.90 € per month from the 4th year. (more than 175.00 € price advantages). 2) Price applies per subsidiary (up to 15 POS systems). 3) Unless otherwise stated, the modules have a term of one month. 4) Ask for your personal offer for Payment Bundle consisting of POS system and payment solution. 5) Independent of the number of participants and the reservation status. Find out about the necessary POS system requirements for using and providing the myVectron modules from your specialised trade partner or from the service description. The availability of our products varies from country to country. Please check with your retailer whether the desired product is available in your country. All prices shown are for Germany. Details subject to correction. Subject to technical alterations.
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Modules in the digital packages


Simply connect your Vectron back-office software to your POS systems via the Internet without the need for a costly network infrastructure.

Connection of "DATEV Kassenarchiv online"

With the "DATEV Kassenarchiv online", you archive daily POS data for your tax advice in the DATEV cloud.

ECR backup

The backup saves the configuration and programming settings of the POS system within the frame of daily closure. This means that the POS system can be put back into operation as quickly as possible after a repair or a cash register exchange.

Digital receipt

The Vectron digital receipt is directly displayed as QR code on the customer display and is the environmental alternative to the paper receipt.

Fiscal archive

The fiscal data is backed up daily on several Vectron servers in Germany: 100% reliable, in compliance with data protection regulations and accessible at any time.

Fiscal guarantee DE 2020

Contains all software-related basics to fulfil the legal requirements for the current cash law.

Invoice archives

All the invoices of your POS systems are transferred to myVectron. In myVectron you can search for invoices, view them in detail and e-mail them as invoice copy.

Menu download

Upload the menu as PDF in myVectron and generate a QR code with link to the menu. This way you can make your menu available to your customers as a QR code in the form of a table display.


The MobileApp serves as completion to your stationary POS system for quick and convenient service and invoicing at the table.

myVectron App

With the real-time database of the reporting app, you have a clear overview of your most important company key figures online at any time via smartphone.

Order service restablo

From the menu card of your restaurant to the automatic POS integration. Put your menu card online with restablo and offer your customers the matching ordering system.

Pay Bundle

The simple combination of flexible high-end POS system and digital payment solution to successfully launch your business into the future of payment.

POS Software subscription

Use the capable Vectron POS software on a subscription basis and profit from the flexible, monthly term. Save also 50% when purchasing the POS 7, POS 7 PC or POS 7 Mini.

POS Update

During the contract term you automatically get the user rights for all updates of your POS software.


In case of support, a service partner can efficiently help a POS system operator through the remote maintenance option and quickly access connected POS systems.

Reporting archives

The daily reports of your POS systems are saved automatically in the myVectron Cloud and can thus be retrieved across branches, downloaded and printed.

Table reservation resmio

The reservation tool for your business to integrate in your own website and in the Google partner network. Reach potential guests who quickly want to book their table online.


Offer your customers vouchers in your in-house design, with ready-made designs or also in the form of receipt vouchers. Depending on the feature (code download, receipt voucher or online voucher) you can download a voucher code or generate it automaticall

ZVT Terminal interface

Your dealer can make the usage rights available in the cloud on the POS systems without complex processes by just a few mouse clicks. With an active ZVT Terminal interface you can also use EFT terminals, which do not belong to the Vectron Payment solution, and connect them to the Vectron POS system.

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