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POS systems made by Vectron lend themselves for many trades, thanks to the flexible POS software.  Most Vectron customers come from the hospitality trade (restaurants, ice cream parlours, restaurant chains, hotels, discotheques) and bakery / confectionary trade, but companies of other branches like hairdressers, retailers, dry-cleaners or canteens & caterers also rank among our satisfied customers.

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Competent advice from qualified dealers

Vectron products are exclusively sold via the dense worldwide net of qualified trading partners. This guarantees competent advice, individual solutions and reliable service on-the-spot. After all, every minute of POS system failure costs money!

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bonVito: Customer loyalty, customer cards, reporting etc.

bonVito is the ideal completion for your Vectron POS system, providing functions for customer retention, customer cards, bonus cards, e-payment, reporting and reservation. Thanks to their integration in the POS system, configured campaigns are automatically managed at the point of sale. Abuse is practically excluded.


Stefan Marquard, Hase & Igel:

„Why did we choose Vectron POS systems? Well, simply because we understand them; because my employees understand them and because the handling is really easy. We are supported in whatever situation and it is fun. A partner, on which you can rely.“

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