Software interfaces

Connections for more success - Vectron Systems offers the POS solution with the most interfaces on the market.

Bakery programs

Vectron Systems is the leading supplier of POS solutions in the bakery industry and offers numerous interfaces to typical bakery software systems.

Bar & Kitchen Manager

Vectron supports the paperless future in the kitchen and at the counter with interfaces to common bar and kitchen management systems.

Event management software

With interfaces to common event management systems, Vectron facilitates accounting and bookkeeping at banquets, fairs and events of all kinds.

Accounting software

Vectron thinks holistically and bridges the gap between the point of sale and the company’s financial accounting with interfaces to powerful financial accounting software.

Hotel software

Vectron POS solutions are welcome performers in the hospitality industry – not least thanks to a wide range of interfaces to the hotel software landscape.

Customer retention & online reservation systems

Keeping a customer is less expensive than gaining a new one. That is why Vectron supports all users with interfaces to effective customer loyalty systems.

Personell planning

Personnel planning in bakeries, the catering trade or hotels benefits from POS data via interfaces to these personnel management programs.

Forecasting software

BigData helps goods and personnel planning and avoids expensive over-planning and under-planning. That is why Vectron offers interfaces to forecasting software.


Our interfaces to reporting programs help users to interpret the mountains of data from our points of sale more easily and to recognise correlations.


Surveillance videos of the checkout area are enriched with POS data via our interfaces for reconciliation.


As a leading provider of point-of-sale solutions, we have established digital interfaces to countless ERP systems over the past decades.

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