Business Intelligence Schnittstelle

myVectron BI interface

Real-time reporting for efficient control

Business Intelligence Reportingin real-time: By means of the BI interface, you can retrieve reporting data from your POS systems across all branches from the Vectron Cloud. Data can thus be used for individual evaluations and as basis for business management. With the interface, it is possible, among others, to retrieve invoices and working time records and to create various evaluations with this data. The retrieved data can then be stored/aggregated in, for example, a data warehouse or database and subsequently be used with analytics tools such as Power BI, Tableau, Google Data Studio, etc. The BI interface is a modern REST-API.

Examples of BI evaluations

All key performance indicators at a glance

Quickly see how your company is doing. Which influencing factors (e.g. customers, coffee factor, bread factor) do affect the sales.

Sales by articles and time

Identify factors that influence the sales situation. This helps you optimize product groups, article groups, opening times and staff deployment. Deriving marketing measures is also possible.

Product groups by branch and sales area

Optimize the availability of your product groups and the presentation of specific product groups in the store counter.

Measuring the efficiency of employees

Measure the productivity of your employees using various sales figures.

Comparison of stores according to the time of day

Identify influencing factors of the locations and derive store-specific optimizations of product groups, article groups, opening hours and personnel planning.

Comparison of stores according to selected key figures

Find site influencing factors and unusual variances to use for store management.

This module can be booked in addition to the myVectron Start and myVectron Standard package in Germany.

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