Brief Portrait of the Company

Brief Portrait of the Company

Information on trading data

Total number of shares


Amount of share capital in Euro


Share structure

Jens Reckendorf (28.06%)
Thomas Stümmler (27.95%)
Widespread shareholdings (43.99%)

Deutsche Börse Listing Partner und Designated Sponsor

Oddo Seydler Bank AG
Schillerstr. 27-29
60313 Frankfurt/M.

2. and 3. Designated Sponsor

Bankhaus M.M. Warburg & Co., Hamburg
Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers AG, Frankfurt/Main


Oddo Seydler Bank AG, Frankfurt/Main

Information about the company

Date founded

21st March 2006

Accounting standard

Calendar year

  Board of Management

Thomas Stümmler
Jens Reckendorf
Silvia Ostermann

Supervisory Board

Christian Ehlers (Chairman)
Heinz-Jürgen Buss
Maurice Martin Oosenbrugh

Short description of the company

Vectron Systems AG is a full-size system solution provider, which offers hardware, software and cloud-based services on the international market using its own engineering services. Besides the development, sale and provision against payment of integrated solutions for POS installations this includes software- and cloud-based data analysis, data management, ERP, CRM and service modules as well as interfaces for third-party providers. Vectron cloud services include digital services which are targeted not only at B2B but also at B2C. They cover the analysis, processing and reporting of product-related transaction data. Furthermore, customer loyalty tools such as digital stamps, coupons and deals as well as efficiency tools such as table reservation and delivery service. All services are directly connected to the POS system turning it into the core data center.