What is an RSS feed?

A news feed is an information channel for the automated provision of current information. Newly published contents are loaded automatically to the subscribers’ end devices like PCs, mobile phones, PDAs or mobile game platforms in regular intervals that the recipient determines. Data retrieval is free of charge. The provider does not get any personalized information about the subscribers so that data retrieval is as anonymous as the call of an Internet site.

A suitable program is required to call the information. Modern web browsers like Mozilla Firefox or the Microsoft Internet Explorer support the subscription to news feeds. In addition, various so-called news readers exist; numerous e-mail programs like Thunderbird can also handle the format.

Vectron Systems AG offers a news feed for company, product and investor news.

How to subscribe to news feeds?

Proceed as follows to subscribe to the feed:

  • If you want to use a defined program to read the feeds please enter the address to the respective program.
  • If you want to subscribe to the feed in your web browser click on the feed name.