Leasing of POS systems made easy

In-house financing by Vectron

Lease your new POS system now and benefit from numerous advantages. You get an efficient and cost-reducing system easily and quickly, without tying up capital. From the first month onwards, the benefits are greater than the running costs thanks to the low monthly costs. Controlling becomes easier and more efficient, settlement is more reliable and the system's intuitive operation results in less incorrect entries.  

In-house financing is available for Vectron POS 12 II PCT, Vectron POS 15 II PCT, POS Mobile Pro III and software. For detailed information on our products and a non-binding leasing offer please refer to the respective product pages. Our inexpensive Full Service Agreement protects you from the dangers of day-to-day work during the whole leasing term.

Leasing POS systems - Advantages at a glance:

  • Protection of liquidity and equity, particularly for start-ups
  • Perfectly safeguarded and always up to date with the Vectron Full Service Agreement
  • Fast handling from conclusion of contract to installation
  • Short contract terms between 36 and 48 months
  • No take-over obligation after end of contract so that you can always  upgrade to the latest model
  • Even in case of take-over you always get a state-of-the-art POS system thanks to the software updates included in the Full Service Agreement
  • During the whole term you have a qualified service partner at your disposal

Full Service Agreement

Accidents easily happen during a sometimes stressful workday and even the best POS system can have a fault sometimes. Therefore, all our leasing contracts come with the inexpensive Vectron Full Service Agreement. The agreement provides you with perfect protection, from repair to delivery of spare parts. Even wearing parts, such as the touch panel, operator locks and power supplies as well as peripherals like receipt printers and scanners, are included in the extended scope of the Full Service Agreement.

  • With our Full Service Agreement you are perfectly protected from the first day on.
  • Throughout the entire contract period, you get the latest software updates for your POS system
  • Even in case of unexpected events like fire, lightning strike or short circuit, you will always be on the safe side
  • Insurance cover is provided worldwide.

Please contact your Vectron specialist trade partner for further information.

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