Bakeries with tradition & state-of-the-art technology

"Awesome!" is how Simone Thiel, authorised signatory at BrotHaus in Burgbernheim, Franconia, sums up the cooperation with Vectron and sell & pick: "Everything is running as it should."

But what exactly is running so smoothly here? BrotHaus is a craft bakery with 64 specialist shops, from which a flood of data is provided via Vectron cash registers, merchandise management, personnel management software and other sources. Accordingly, BrotHaus was looking for a system that would compensate for the flood of data, analyse it and process it graphically in order to provide a fast, intuitive and efficient way of controlling the specialist shops.

This is where sell & pick comes into play. sell & pick develops the right software solution for controlling bakeries and gastronomy. The trick is that sell & pick brings together data from very different digital sources of its customers, links them and analyses them in interaction. "At Brothaus," Rudolf Hattenkofer, CTO at sell & pick, summarises, "three classic data sources supply the internal data: The turnover figures are provided by the Vectron POS systems in real time. The personnel management system and merchandise management contribute further relevant information". This data is correlated by sell & pick with external factors such as temperatures, weekdays or holidays, etc. and the resulting forecasts "work much better than our previous approach," sums up Simone Thiel. Not only have the returns been optimised, but the deployment of personnel has also been noticeably improved, which represents a significant cost saving.



A decisive component for the direct evaluation without time delay is the real-time data transmission of the Vectron POS systems via the Vectron Cloud. On the one hand, says Rudolf Hattenkofer: "the provision of the BI interface via the Vectron Cloud made the connection of the POS systems very easy for us." On the other hand, says Simone Thiel: "it was particularly important that no delays occur in sales operations due to the real-time connection of the POS systems."

This way, Simone Thiel has an overview of the current sales figures across all shops, but also across sales areas and individual shops at all times. She sees the current top and bottom lists for main categories, merchandise groups and products and can support the district managers if necessary.

Markus Böhm, shop manager at BrotHaus, also appreciates the system because he can call up the data of his specialist shop directly via his tablet - not only the sales for product groups and articles, but also the returns, customer figures, receipt evaluations and more. "The figures for the sale of strawberry cake, which we calculated via the system, worked out really well."

This is how the BrotHaus administration uses the Vectron Cloud

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