Lauris Küstendiner

Without fisch, but with MobileApp

Lauri Balke is sure that people who come to the coast don't necessarily have to eat freshly defrosted frozen fish. That's why home-made burgers are on the menu at Lauri's Küstendiner. And they have a lot to offer. Lauri's customers can choose from up to 50 ingredients for their burgers - deliberately so, but it is still a challenge to take orders.

That's why both he and his operations manager Annika Elbert rely on the Vectron MobileApp. Together with their cashier Thomas Cornehl, they have divided the order into clear sections in the selection list, which can be used to quickly enter the ingredients for the burger, but also all the side dishes. This way, the kitchen receives a clear receipt even for very individual orders, and drink orders are also quickly delivered to the bar.

Lauri Balke can no longer understand why waiters at the table still have to write down the order on a pad and then type it into a stationary cash register before the kitchen and counter can become active. With him, it is simply faster and more error-free with the Vectron MobileApp - despite countless selection options. And the guests are happy about the delay-free operation.

This is how the MobileApp helps in Lauri's coastal diner

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