Steakhouse Indiana

High-quality steaks & vouchers in Celle, Germany

The Steakhouse Indiana is the oldest steakhouse in the historic centre of Celle. The old half-timbered houses are packed closely together and invite you to take a stroll. Nevertheless, the Steakhouse Indiana focuses not only on tourists but also on a particularly high proportion of  regular customers.

South American beef and a well-balanced selection of wines are the cornerstones of the high quality standards - and all at an attractive price-performance ratio. Just how well the concept works can be seen from the fact that the Indiana has been in the same location for over 35 years. In the meantime, the Indiana Bar has been added. Right next door to the steakhouse, the Indiana Bar's live music events entertain not only its guests, but also the numerous visitors to the inviting outdoor tables at the Steakhouse Indiana.

The steakhouse has relied on Vectron POS systems for decades. Since 2022, the myVectron voucher system has also been in use. As Frank Geisler explains, it is particularly easy to use and is well received by guests and staff. Voucher cards can be topped up directly at the till in no time at all. He can view the voucher balance, the redemption volume and the outstanding redemption amounts at any time in the automatic online voucher book and document them accordingly for the tax office.

And because the vast majority of vouchers at Indiana are given as gifts by guests, Frank Geisler has come up with something very special: He has the voucher codes generated in the myVectron Cloud printed in his in-house print shop on specially designed voucher cards. And because it is so inexpensive, he has also ordered suitably printed gift envelopes. In addition to the voucher card, a menu is also inserted into the envelopes. This allows Frank Geisler to provide his guests with a particularly attractive and valuable gift wrapping that is also an attractive advertisement for Indiana.

myVectron vouchers at the Indiana steakhouse

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Vectron products at the Indiana

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