Vectron Journal Tool

Evaluating, archiving and analyzing POS data

The Vectron Journal Tool is a tool for evaluating, archiving and analyzing the POS system journal data that was read out by means of the Vectron Commander. Companies of all trades profit in the same way from the numerous functions. All the sales transactions and activities are displayed in detail. The tool detects and displays the respective transactions for each receipt (e.g. temporary invoice, split receipt, invoice). You can install the software on commercial PCs, using a Microsoft-SQL database.

Convenient analysis tool
The Vectron Journal Tool software transfers the data from the Vectron e-journal to a relational database, which is perfectly suitable for filtering and analyzing data and for receiving detailed information on sales transactions. For data analysis you determine the desired polling by selecting polling period and POS systems (e.g. a single POS system, POS systems of defined branch shops or all the branch shops).

Practical data import 
Import of the journal data can take place manually via a menu window where you can select single e-journals. In general, however, the automated polling via Vectron Commander is more convenient.

Filtering sales transactions
In order to receive sound data, you have to filter the available entries by means of useful criteria. The Vectron Journal Tool serves for selecting e.g. defined receipt types like invoice- and void receipts. A double click to a receipt sum brings you to a new window with details on the individual sales transaction, i.e. all PLUs sold with this receipt, the single prices, media, tax rate, operator and the single GC receipts are displayed. More than 50 filter criteria for sales transactions are available, among them PLUs, operators, GCs, media or modifiers.

Consolidated PLU list
In addition to the detailed view, consolidated PLU lists are available, providing a fast overview on which PLUs were sold how often in a defined period. Instead of the single PLUs you can also display whole departments.

Record of activities
The record of activities shows for example the time when an operator signed in or out, which operator errors occurred or the programming that was carried out.

Modern, clear design
The modern layout with menu bar and icons allows operating the software intuitively. Indicator lights provide a fast overview so that irregularities can be detected quickly.  

Analysis of dubious transactions 
Complex analysis algorithms check all the sales transactions automatically for dubious invoices and receipts. This serves for detecting e.g. transactions where waiters invoice drinks or food repeatedly – thus lining their own pockets. Another example for dubious transactions are receipts with immediate corrections, which can also be displayed in detail.

Polling overview
The polling overview lists any polling and shows irregularities like double Z-count or a missing polling.

Data export and -print
The data that was processed and displayed by the Vectron Journal Tool can be exported or printed for additional applications.

  • Structured and detailed display of all sales transactions
  • Display of sales statistics, operator report, modifiers, media etc.
  • Consolidated PLU list
  • More than 50 filter criteria
  • Data analysis for dubious transactions
  • Record of activities
  • Choice between manual and automated import of journal data
  • Suitable for PCs with Microsoft operating system Windows 7 or higher

The Light version with reduced functions is extremely easy to operate and lends itself to smaller companies with standard requirements. Up to 5 POS systems can be analyzed with the Vectron Journal Tool Light. 

Technical data

Operating systemWindows 7 or higher
Processormin. 1 GHz
RAMmin. 1 GB
Hard-disk space10 GB
More detailsSee data sheet

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