Pad Thai Snack Bar & Takeaway in Hürth, Germany

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Due to coronavirus restrictions, Jinthana and Werner Radtke had to completely close their well-established practice for therapeutic Thai massages for a whole nine months. More than enough time to think about their professional future and another mainstay. Jinthana Radtke's dream of opening her own Thai restaurant played a very special role in this. Nevertheless, the extensive preliminary planning up to the opening of Pad Thai Snack Bar & Takeaway Hürth took another year and a half. A time in which the Radtkes had to learn the hard way, despite intensive planning.

The supposedly cheaply purchased used cash register failed right away in the first preliminary discussion with her tax consultant. Without a TSE, it no longer met the legal requirements and a retrofit made no sense for Jinthana Radtke: "Firstly, the TSE retrofit would have cost €600, and secondly, the cash register lacked any customisation options for the planned expansion of the restaurant idea. Not even a graphic table plan would have been possible."



However, the second attempt to purchase a new cash register from a cash register dealer also failed. Due to delivery bottlenecks, the cash register ordered was not delivered either on the opening date or a month later. It was only thanks to a tip from an acquaintance that the emergency situation was overcome. He had already had good experiences with the Vectron  dealer Xetron Kassensysteme Förster and Jinthana Radtke was also immediately impressed by the service and competence: "We received very, very good advice here and found exactly the right solution with the bundle of Vectron POS 7 and POS software subscription.

In addition to the discounted professional cash register, the POS subscription has given us a perfect cloud connection, in which the POS data is automatically backed up and with which the cash register is automatically adapted to the changing legal framework. The included myVectron app continuously provides us with accurate reports - not only on the sales trend as a whole, but also on the individual products' share of sales."

As experienced business people, the Radtkes are proceeding with their restaurant idea prudently and with clearly defined expansion steps. At the moment, they have reached the expansion stage of a luxury snack bar with a limited number of tables and an exclusive take-away service. In addition to a classic, immediately available, delicious food portfolio, very special, freshly prepared exclusive dishes with fish or poultry are offered on advance order.


And Jinthana Radtke is already realising that although she really likes the telephone contact with her customers, taking orders over the phone is time-consuming. In addition to recording customer data, it is mainly undecided customers who prolong the conversations.

Accordingly, the use of the restablo internet ordering system, as part of the cloud connection, is probably one of the next expansion stages that the Radtkes are tackling. With restablo, customers enter their contact details themselves and the simple and quick customisation of the specifications for self-collection or varying delivery options in particular fit in with your concept in the set-up phase. The system also minimises the order risk if the operator activates electronic prepayment in the system.

Thanks to the direct cash register connection and the combination options with a kitchen monitor, which forwards the orders directly to the kitchen, the system offers an expansion option for effectively streamlining the entire processes in the business, even when capacity utilisation is growing rapidly. Another point that Jinthana Radtke was able to tick off her wish list for the right POS system.

But POS 7 and the subscription also help her with the beer garden option, which is already firmly in the development plan. Expanding the graphical table plan to include new catering areas is no problem and, if required, Jinthana Radtke can add and remove the software for order entry by mobile phone directly via her cloud account. Costs are therefore only incurred if the apps are actually needed in the beer garden. In addition to the use of private smartphones for order entry, the myVectron digital package linked to the POS subscription also offers the option of using special e-pay terminals. These allow card payment and even invoice printing directly at the table with just one device. This means that additional staff requirements are kept to a minimum, even in this expansion stage.

During the preliminary discussions with the tax consultant, it also became clear that he was very much in favour of the option to connectthe cash register directly to the DATEV Kassenarchiv online. This significantly reduces the effort required to process the tax-relevant data, avoids errors and provides a completely different level of security against tax and company audits.

"So," summarises Jinthana Radtke: "... we now have a system in use that fits our current needs perfectly in terms of costs and performance and - thanks to the POS subscription - provides the right solutions for all our concrete considerations regarding the planned expansion stages. We don't want to accept another failure with limited POS systems or unreliable support and therefore now successfully rely on Vectron POS systems and the support of Kassensysteme Förster."

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